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🗺 Using the CivicMap to find your peers

CivicMap allows users to find all their public and elected officials by region

  • By browsing the CivicMap, users can understand the geographic boundaries of all their pertinent districts.
  • When selecting a district, users may explore a comprehensive list of officials for that district.
  • The filter allows users to select what districts they are viewing: from city to state level.
  • Users can manually choose to follow other public and elected officials who do not represent them, which adds them to the CivicFeed.
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Remember: Officials can choose whether residents of other districts can interact with their posts, but all posts are publicly viewable.

Using the CivicMap as an agency, public or elected official

  • As a public or elected official, use CivicMap to explore which other officials are on CivicBell.
  • Follow other elected and public officials. This allows you to see what else is happening in your community, what concerns residents have, and how other public officials are responding.