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📢 Best practices on posting

When and how often to post about what

Engage with trending topics

  • When creating an engagement, use hashtags to add topics to your post. For example, if your post concerns a proposed increase in the minimum wage, you could use the topics “#wage” and “#work” as seen in the image to the right.
  • Discussing trending topics is a great way to get involved in the public discourse.
  • Residents can search by topic to find engagements, and may follow topics they are interested in.
  • Using multiple topics on an engagement allows it to be found easier and by more residents, particularly by those who follow a topic.

When to post

  • Posting on weekdays between 8:00am and 10:00am helps your posts receive the most engagement, as these are the most active hours on social media.
  • Post routinely to ensure that residents always have something new to see. Long gaps between posts can discourage residents from routinely viewing.
  • Do not post more than a few times per day, but at least once per week.

Learn about your followers to better appeal to them:

  • View your analytics page to better understand who engages with your posts.
  • This information can help you appeal to your constituents and their communities in your  future posts.