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🧑‍💼 Creating your profile page

After creating your account, it is important to fill out your profile so that residents can better understand who you are and your positions.

You can edit your profile if you click on the top-right on your name and “My Profile”. Watch this short clip on how to set-up your profile page:

First, make sure to upload a recognizable profile picture. We recommend a professional image to increase your reputability.

Remember: this will be the “face” of your account.

Fill in as many of the information sections as you choose, they are all optional, but we recommend sharing at least some basic information about you with your constituency.

If you are representing a public/government agency your can leave sections that don’t apply to you (e.g. Political Affiliation or Professional Background) empty — it will not appear on your profile if empty.

About me

  • Provide a brief introductory statement about yourself.
  • This could include why you hold your position, your experience, values, etc.

Political Affiliation

  • Explain some of your political stances on issues relevant to local residents.
  • Try not to be aggressive and risk alienating part of your constituency. Focusing on local issues is a good way to avoid this.

What do I/we stand for

  • Promote yourself or your agency's foremost interests:
    • Stances core to your identity as an official
    • Agency's mission

Political & Professional Background

  • Outline your political and professional background to establish your credibility.
  • This can include accolades, degrees, offices you held in the past, any any other accomplishments you wish you share with your constituency.

My/Our Social Media and Contact Information:

  • Use this section to list other ways that you want your constituents to communicate with you, including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Nextdoor, and/or Email.
  • You don’t have to share any social media handles or email addresses – this section is entirely optional.