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📢 Creating engagements

Engagements are the main way how you engage your residents.

What are engagements?

  • An engagement is our term for posts that use a 3-step feedback loop.
  • The engagement structure includes three steps to track a post through its lifetime: Open, Closed, and Outcome.
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  • Each engagement can be tailored by who sees it and who can engage on it: just your constituency, everybody on CivicBell, or only your eligible voters. By default, every resident in your constituency (regardless of age and nationality) can engage on your posts.
  • CivicBell knows three kinds of engagements:
      1. Info post: Essentially, the kind of post you are familiar with from Twitter and Facebook — they remain open indefinitely.
      1. Discussion post: A post with a comment board that enables residents to give unstructured input. The comment board only stays open for a predetermined amount of time, so you can control how long you would like to receive input.
      1. Survey post: Single- or multi-question surveys that, similar to discussion posts, only stay open a predetermined amount of time. The results are not shared with participants unless you would like to share them.
Please visit our dedicated help page for engagements to learn more about the specifics.

Start a new engagement

  • On the right navigation select “Dashboard”.
  • On the top-right select “Start New Engagement”.
  • In the first “Type” dropdown, select your desired post: Info post, discussion post, or survey post.
  • A step-by-step guide and videos for each of the types can be found here.