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CivicBell in Brief

Who we are and what we do

CivicBell provides a platform where local government agencies, elected officials, and public officials can engage with their constituents:

How is CivicBell different from other online platforms like Twitter or Facebook?

  • All residents are verified using their phone numbers — there are no bots or fake accounts on CivicBell.
  • Residents are automatically linked to all districts they are a part of and the corresponding agencies, elected, and public officials representing and/or serving those districts. You will see the posts relevant to you as a resident starting the moment you join CivicBell.
  • By default, resident users can only engage with posts if they actually live in the corresponding district — no unproductive banter from people who are not residents of the area.
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Navigating CivicBell as a resident

Use the menu bar on the left (Website) or the menu bar on the bottom (App) to navigate between pages:

  • The “CivicFeed” contains posts from government agencies, elected officials and public officials, and is the primary way to use CivicBell.
  • Local News” assembles local news for your city, county and state.
  • CivicMap” allows you to explore all of the California districts and the agencies, elected officials and public officials representing and serving them.